Project Examples

Below are some examples of M2M and other projects which were done from concept to Manufacturing

Xbee Zigbee PCB board and final product Xbee Zigbee final Board

Xbee Zigbee PCB, using the Philips LPC2138 ARM7. This board has a wireless Zigbee module, 4-opto-coupled outputs, 4 A/D(0V - 30V), and 4 realtime inputs. The LPC2138 can be be programmed via the RS232 or Jtag interface.

ARM9 top and bottom PCB - 8 layers

M2M ARM9 project using the Atmel ARM9 uP, 4meg x 16 SDRAM, 8meg x 8 Flash, various serial and USB Mini PCI Exress OEM modem modules. 8- Layers, Dimensions 3.5" x 2.5". Concept to manufacturing.

2-Layer Z80A design for the nostalgic. 2-Layer Z80A design for the nostalgic.

A Z80A Design for the Nostalgic. Sporting an incredible 32K of Eprom and 32K SRAM. This design has single step capability and an RS232 communications interface.