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Complete Printed Circuit Board Design and M2M Embedded Hardware Design Resource

StingerMicro - Can provide a host of PCB layout and M2M embedded hardware circuit design services that are compliant with FCC and PTCRB testing requirements. Whether your project is for a hobby or a commercial product if you are looking for a PCB design or embedded hardware circuit design service I can help you with that process. My goal is to provide quality service based on years of experience for a reasonable cost.

Task I Can Help You With

PCB Layout:

* Board outline design for your enclosure.
* Component placement to your specifications.
* Routing and impedance matching.
* Build unique PCB footprints.
* Generate FAB and Assembly drawings.
* Provide pcb manufacturing files such as:
o Gerbers in RS274X format
o Pick and Place file
o Layer Stack Manager

Microcontroller Hardware Design:

* Schematic Capture using Altium Designer
* Familiar with 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers
o Atmel - AT91X40 Series ARM7
o Atmel -AT91SAM9 Series (AT91RM9200, SAM9260, SAM9G20)
o NXP2138 ARM7
o Micrel KS8695
* SDRAM, Flash, Ethernet, IO support circuits
* Export netlist for PCB layout
* Export BOM in Excel or other formats


* Submit PCB files and BOMs for prototypes, 1st article, and final product.
* Liaison for circuit board manufacturing and assembly either in the United States or overseas.

All projects are done using "Altium Designer".

Please contact me to explore how I can help. I can quickly provide a rough scope of effort and schedule for your project so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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