Free Ebooks on Hydrogen Generation and Gasifiers

It seems many have an interest in alternative energy like Hydrogen Generators and Gasifier technology. Here are some old ebooks that are coming back into print but after doing some research I have found much of this information is available for free.

I will also post some project designs online from time to time so check back for any new post. These are projects that have been manufactured and tested to be working designs.

Just click the links below, or "save link as", and the file should download to your computer

Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen By P. Litherland Teed 1919
Fema Emergency Gasifier 1989

Zilog Z80A Files (pcb available)

Z80A Schematics
Z80A ZAP monitor in assembly

LPC2138 ARM7 Files (pcb available)

LPC2138 Schematics

Wind Generator

How to Build a Wind Generator

If you would like to donate for downloads, Thanks. If not c'est la vie